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America's reel manufacturer

Our Beginning

Tayloreel, originally known as Taylor-Shantz, was founded in 1906. Although the company struggled in the Great Depression, it got back on its feet and was purchased by Everett Hall in 1961.

With a humble beginning, few would have expected the steps Tayloreel would soon take.

Tayloreel’s primary product was initially metal stamped reels - but that would soon change.

Our History

Its primary markets were motion pictures, for both amateurs and professionals, and micro-film - even selling to the National Archives. 

Tayloreel began transitioning into plastic, and in the 1980s purchased its very first molding machine.

It was around this time that electronics came into play, and increasingly electronics became the primary business of Tayloreel.

Tayloreel Today

As the electronic reel market was underway, Bill Hall, now owner and President, stepped on staff in the end of 1997 to work in accounting and design for Tayloreel.

In September 1998, Tayloreel and its production moved down to Georgia.

Tayloreel is still one of the nation's top providers of plastic reels for the SMD and film industries.